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Need help enrolling your Dream Clients?

You're in Front of Your 

Dream Client and You Have Under

a Minute to Sell Yourself...

If you were to run into your DREAM CLIENT would you be ready?

And if you found yourself on an elevator with your DREAM MEDIA PERSON would you have your PITCH down?  Or…

Would you get tongue-tied?

Blank out?


Forget your own name?

Or say a bunch of boring, ho-hum stuff that falls flat?

OR would you be able to communicate LIKE A BOSS in less than a minute, making them BEG to work with you/ be on their show or podcast/featured in their magazine/speak at their conference?

Easily Enroll Your Dream Clients Based on Your

Unique Message Based On YOUR VERY OWN ENERGETIC DNA in a Concise, Easy-to-Understand, Compelling Way

Are You Brilliant at Helping
Your Clients

But Struggle to Sell Yourself?

I was at a party once with a bunch of “personal growth coaches/experts.” With each person I met, when it came time to ask them what they did, they ALL RESPONDED EXACTLY THE SAME WAY, “I’m a transformational leader…”

My eyes became glazed like a donut.

Soooo boring, told me nothing, didn’t give me an INKLING of their work or the BENEFITS they create for people and frankly made them sound arrogant.

Worst of all – they were talking about THEMSELVES and not about what they PROVIDE others.

(Which is a total turn off…riiiiiight?)

By the 8th person I knew that these passionate, beautifully-intentioned souls desperately needed my help.

If you can relate, we can help you too.

One of the biggest challenges for coaches, consultants, writers, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creatives is explaining the extraordinary work they do in CONCISE,  POWERFUL  LANGUAGE IN UNDER A MINUTE.

Having the right pitch means you’re on your way to having a super- successful business…

A pitch that prospective clients can quickly and easily grasp and that will impress them enough to want to invest in you and your services.

I cannot stress enough how crucial this is. It’s literally going to be difference between success and disappointment.


In addition, you may find it challenging to leave your comfort zone and put yourself out there to sell yourself because you RESIST BEING SEEN OR HEARD. 

Making yourself visible when you’ve never done so before can be scary.

This issue can be caused by stage fright, self image/ appearance concerns, childhood trauma (when being noticed was dangerous), or even frustration and discomfort with the technology required.

Not to mention the fact that there are likely other amazing people far more experienced than you are, possibly with more degrees and credentials, already doing what you’re doing… (but that just means you’re onto something! And there’s always room for more!)

Essentially, to obtain your DREAM CLIENTS, there are three main challenges you need to address:

Match your message with the needs of your ideal clients

Become visible to your ideal clients by easily and consistently sharing your message

Overcome an inaccurate or hampering inner image and exude confidence, faith and trust

But There’s Good News…

We Can Help You...

You Don’t Have to Figure

This Out By Yourself

Do you want to...







We invite you to Join Us For an Important Online Event:

Messenger to Messengers: Unlock the Secrets of Your Energetic DNA and Discover Exactly the RIGHT WORDS...Based on Your Unique Divine Design, that will Make You Successful.

You’ll have total confidence and clarity when telling people WHAT YOU DO, HOW YOU DO IT and HOW YOU HELP PEOPLE.

You know you’re meant to lead and for your words to positively impact others and create transformation. So don’t miss out on this amazing workshop as you’ll walk away with knowledge and insight that will change EVERYTHING.

We'll Get Clear On:

Your "next level" audience

Your authentic message

How to wake up every day so super-clear about your mission that your energy pulls you forward into the future you desire.

And it’ll be so reassuring to know that you’re not alone and many, many others are in the same boat. (But now your boat will be a yacht – if you are into that sort of thing!)

When your words convey a message that’s an aligned reflection of your PURPOSE, it’s as if your very essence is magically LIT UP and others will be drawn to you like the proverbial bees to honey.

When we’re aligned and doing what is TRUE for us, we are full of HIGH FREQUENCY ENERGY filled with spirit and enthusiasm. And this is CONTAGIOUS and it’s THIS that will DRAW PEOPLE IN and feel GOOD around a person showing up this way.

If they are the right FIT for your message, there will be an instant YES or CLICK that will occur ENERGETICALLY like a KEY to a LOCK… releasing THEIR resistance or doubts which might include:

I can’t afford it.

I don’t need anyone -- I can do this on my own.

How do I know if she’s even any good?

What if I waste my money and nothing changes?

Hiring her would be too much of a luxury.

I don’t have the time to commit to this.

Examples of Successful Pitches

My own pitch propelled me into having a successful business:

“I can help you find your life purpose in under 5 minutes.”

The response I get from my DREAM CLIENTS to this is “How?

When given this go-ahead, I succinctly state my full mission message, providing more detail, but SUCCINCTLY.

“I help you discover your genetic life purpose from your human design and then activate, unleash and monetize it.”

A copywriter friend’s pitch is:

“I turn my words into your money.”

This pitch is good as it’s self-explanatory. Her DREAM CLIENT may ask more questions, or could say, “I need something written. I’ve been meaning to do this for months but I just haven’t had the time.” 

Your pitch doesn’t need to be as short as these.

Another friend has a simple, concise pitch. Instead of saying, “I’m an astrologer and relationship coach,” she says,

“I use a combination of ancient technology and modern science

to help people know how to have exalted relationships –

and if their partner is right for them in the first place.”

This SPECIFICALLY shows HOW she helps people and instantly sets her apart from other astrologers and relationship coaches.

This is What Can Happen When Your Pitch Doesn't Feel True  To Who You Are

You may say nothing at all and waste the opportunity to enroll your DREAM CLIENT.


You may resort to nervous chatter and talk too much. In this case, your energy will feel scattered to your prospective client who will think you aren’t professional and don’t know what you’re doing.


You may be excited but unable to share what you do in a way that’s interesting or clearly understandable…or that makes you stand out as special from others who do the same work as you.

If any of these scenarios occurs, sorry, but you’ve probably blown it. Without confidence in your voice, and a clear compelling message to share that says, I’M THE ONE, YOU NEED MEEEE AND WHAT I OFFER, you’ll struggle to attract the right attention to yourself and your business.

In the Human Design system, your voice is the gateway of manifestation. Words allow us to share our unique point of view and attract the attention of others.

The RIGHT WORDS at the RIGHT TIME with the right energy behind them, have MAGIC IN THEM.

Our words point us toward or away from our deepest desires and goals, depending on how we use them.

Speak From Alignment…Not Conditioning

When you look at your Human Design chart, you can see the 11 gates off the Throat Center, which is the third center down from the top of the body graph chart.

These 11 gates are the 11 primary ways our DNA finds vocal expression.

Looking at the image, clockwise going around from Gate 31, here are the 11 voices of the human experience:

  • Gate 31: The Voice of Influence –you move people to take action and people trust in what you have to say
  • Gate 20: The Voice in the Now –you share your intuitive knowing now
  • Gate 16: The Voice of Enthusiasm –you get others enrolled in things you are skilled at and enjoy doing and sharing
  • Gate 62: The Voice of Strategy/Detail – you share what is pertinent to get the job done
  • Gate 23: The Voice of Insight – you share what others might not see/know
  • Gate 56: The Voice of Adventure/Curiosity – you tell stories of your adventures or make up stories to illustrate a point
  • Gate 35: The Voice of Experience/Progress – you’ve “been there and done that” and have lived to share about what you’ve discovered on your journey
  • Gate 12: The Voice of Caution – you are the voice that shares caution, warnings, and pauses for effect
  • Gate 45: The Voice of the King/Queen – you know how to bring people together for a common cause, creating more prosperity for all
  • Gate 33: The Voice of History – you look back to look forward
  • Gate 8: The Voice of Contribution to the Community – you know how to take the individual insights of the artist and share them with the community so all can benefit from the creative output
Which of the Throat Center gates appear in your chart?

By knowing your Throat Center gates, you can recognize when you’re speaking from your authentic voice and when you are speaking from conditioning.
If you have NO Throat Center gates, you can easily tap into the true voices of others. You may sometimes be challenged speaking up (or shutting up if you get on a roll!) but you’ve got the power to help others find the right words to express their inner truth. It’s like you know what they need to say to get their point across effectively and persuasively.
When you don’t know how to access your true voice, or don’t feel comfortable doing so ,you can’t use it to find THE WORDS THAT ARE EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.

  • Sadly, you can waste weeks, months, years and even decades, putting off writing that book, going on that speaking tour or starting that YouTube, Clubhouse or Spotify channel… because you “don’t know what to say.”
  • Perhaps you’ve been trying to figure out your message and unique expression for a long time and, after many classes, books and workshops, you’re still not sure what you want to say.
  • Discouragement can set in and you could find yourself not wanting to revisit this as your previous efforts were so disheartening.
  • OR maybe you DO know what you want to say and have even written your book. But your particular challenge is that you’re just afraid to get out there and BE VISIBLE so people can find you and work with you.
  • OR maybe you’ve tried and can’t seem to open up the right doors to get in front of “your people.”
When you aren’t using your authentic voice openly and consistently in a way that entices, manifesting becomes far more difficult.

Your Voice is the Gateway of Manifestation...It's Already Inside You Waiting to be Discovered

The Messenger-to-Messengers workshop is for people who know they have something important to say and want to say it powerfully, irresistibly, and with total confidence.

Many of us spend time trying to resolve our questions or take action through our NOT-SELF.” This leads to poor decisions and wasted time, energy, money and emotions.


When you are operating from your “not-self,” you don’t feel right -- you feel off, and this leads to negative feelings. Negative feelings set us up to be out of our center and disconnected from the truth.

When EVERYTHING LOOKS BLEAK, this will tell you (at least intellectually) that you’re in black-and-white thinking or your “not-self” and will make you aware of how negative you’re feeling (even if you can’t necessarily change it right away.)  Awareness is the key if you want to change.

The truth is, FEELINGS AREN’T FACTS (though I know it’s hard to BELIEVE this when you’re feeling crappy.)  NOT EVERYTHING IS BLEAK ALL THE TIME.

When you’re grounded in your authentic self, you’ll think in a more balanced way and not believe in absolutes e.g. Everything about this is awful.

But so-called “negative feelings” aren’t all bad. They are guideposts for us. They tell us when we’re living INAUTHENTICALLY…AS OUR NOT-SELF. They make us AWARE so we can change.

You come from your not-self when you’re misaligned with your design. It’s common to have a certain emotion on repeat. Perhaps you often feel angry (Manifestor “not self” expression), frustrated (Generator and Manifesting Generator “not self” expression), bitter (Projector “not self” expression), or disappointed (Reflector “not self” expression).

The “negative” emotion, be it anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment, doesn’t get us what we want, but it still carries a deep message for you.

It can be tempting to suppress the “negative” emotion as “bad.”


On the other hand, when you use the voice that is IN your design, YOU ARE HEARD MORE READILY AND EFFECTIVELY.

You’ll leave the Messenger to Messengers event with your perfect Pitch and Mission Message. And when your DREAM CLIENT asks what you do, you can state it in a way that makes people say, “That’s for me.”

You’re Invited to Join Us For Our

Messenger-to-Messengers Online Event:

Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA and Discover Exactly the RIGHT WORDS…Based on Your Unique Human Design…
that will Make You Successful.

Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, September 15th, 9:30 am – 2 pm Eastern
Thursday, September 16th, 9:30 am – 2 pm Eastern
Friday, September 17th, 9:30 am – 1 pm Eastern
BONUS: Work On Your Script HOT SEATS
Saturday, September 18th, 4 pm to 7 pm Eastern

We intentionally planned the event to run over the course of three SHORT days.

This is an INTENSIVE AND EFFICIENT workshop where you’ll discover your message and how to communicate it.

This WON’T BE A SPEAKER PITCH-FEST or all-day/all-night marathon. We know you have a lot to do so we designed this event to be respectful of this and to maximize the use of your time and energy.

TIME ZONE ISSUES Due to Where You Live?
We’ve got you covered! Each session at the event will be recorded in approximately one-hour segments and uploaded to our event Facebook page that you’ll gain access to once you register for the event. So if you can’t attend live, you’ll can watch the replays in the Facebook group at your earliest convenience.

Also, we’re holding a BONUS Hot Seat Session Saturday from 4 pm to 7 pm Eastern which allows clients in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. to have live support. (If you hail from these parts, we recommend you watch all the videos from the previous three days to prepare for your time in the hot seat.)


Bonus 1

Here are the bonuses to replace that bonuses section:
BONUS #1: Copy of I-Ching E-book entitled, "___________________"
We will reimburse you for the purchase price.
This book will_________________________________________________.

bonus 2

A full human design report (typically run 12 to 14 pages).
Covers all your human design basic information plus the variable which
includes your correct environment and diet! (NOTE: If you already have a full
report, you can gift this report to anyone who gives you written permission
to run a report for them.)
VALUE: $_____

$ 347
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call



If you can’t make it live, all sessions will be recorded and posted in an event Facebook group so you can catch the replays.


You’ll begin to live more and more of your design, and you’ll likely experience far less resistance in your life, which is KEY to experiencing flow.

After three short days together, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of your unique voice and how to express it for maximum fulfillment, success and the kind of attention you desire.

Imagine All Your Dreams Coming True

Imagine what it would feel like if you always felt confident when someone says to you, “So, what do you do for a living?” as you’ll have a crystal clear and compelling answer that makes them take notice and really HEAR the benefits of working with you.

No longer will you feel nervous and insecure either about your words or becoming visible. Especially after repeatedly securing interest from your ideal clients and seeing work flow to you.

Whatever came before that made you lack self-belief will become part of your past that doesn’t interfere with your present.

Positive experiences will override the “old story” you’ve been telling yourself, such as “I can’t do this – it’s too embarrassing,” “I need to lose 20 pounds to be seen,” “I don’t have what it takes,” “I’m not confident enough,” “I’ll be rejected” – the list goes on and on! This negative self-talk will no longer have a hold on you.

You’ll look back on that person who limited herself and barely recognize that was you.

This is what we want for you.

About Baeth Davis

Affectionately known as “Dr. Purpose” by clients and colleagues, Baeth has over 23 years of experience in life purpose identification and business coaching.

Six years ago, she began incorporating Human Design in her work with clients

Baeth has been featured in Women’s World and Los Angeles Times as well as heard on NPR, BBC-5 and RadioFree Europe. Her greatest happiness is seeing clients achieve their life-long goals and experience the fulfillment that comes with living aligned to your design.

Some of her clients are top business coaches including Ali Brown, Kendall SummerHawk and Suzanne Evans, Hollywood celebrities and well-known motivational speakers, writers, artists and a variety of entrepreneurs in many industries, as well as stay-at-home parents, retirees and students.

Her greatest joy is in helping you eliminate the resistance that comes from not knowing your purpose. She helps you identify, unleash and profit from your purpose so that you gain more confidence, more ideal clients and more revenue.  She consistently delivers your specific purpose and business plan so that you can finally experience the fulfillment and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Baeth lives in New Jersey and loves hiking, walking by the ocean, reading and traveling. She finds restoration and nourishment in painting, ecstatic dance and writing as well as spending time with her wonderful partner, Serg, and his dog, Yago.

Your Business Will Grow Because of the


After taking the short three-day Messenger to Messengers workshop, you’ll:

Have complete clarity and confidence about your pitch and mission message.

Be able to easily and intelligently give your pitch using just a few, persuasive words that you’ve memorized (BUT, OF COURSE, DON’T SOUND memorized!), and impress your DREAM CLIENTS.

You’ll effortlessly be able to tell your DREAM CLIENTS HOW YOU HELP PEOPLE (And If you’re familiar with their work, SPECIFICALLY how you can help THEM.)

Your words will be imbued with your authenticity and unique self and carry the weight of your ENERGETIC AUTHORITY behind them making a positive impact on your DREAM CLIENTS.

Your newly discovered message will give you a theme focus for the following  as you’ll be CLEAR ON YOUR ON YOUR PRIMARY MESSAGE and all your communications will stem from your message, you won’t get off-track.

  • Blog/vlog posts,
  • Podcasts,
  • Web content,
  • Articles,
  • Emails
  • eNewsletters,
  • Sales pages
  • Presentations
  • Social media
  • eBooks
  • Interviews

As you’ll be so well-prepared, you’re more likely to get positive reactions (even if you haven’t before), and the experience of selling yourself will have new, upbeat associations so you’ll forget you were ever nervous about becoming visible…You may even be surprised that you come to like it!

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

This paragraph is optional, but you might want to use it to introduce your testimonials. If you haven’t got great testimonials yet, then check out our article on the secret to getting raving testimonials for your online course

Kendal Campos


Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.

Daniel huber

Real Estate Agent

Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.

sandra Lynn


Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.

If You Aren’t Bringing in Your IDEAL CLIENTS

Please Join Us for this Very Special Event

You’ll Be So Glad You Did

Messenger to Messengers:

Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA and Discover Exactly the RIGHT WORDS…Based on Your Unique Human Design, That Will Make You Successful.

Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, September 15th, 9:30 am – 2 pm Eastern
Thursday, September 16th, 9:30 am – 2 pm Eastern
Friday, September 17th, 9:30 am – 1 pm Eastern
BONUS: Work On Your Script HOT SEATS
Saturday, September 18th, 4 pm to 7 pm Eastern


Day 1: Identify Your Unique Voice

We’ll explore the 11 possible voices in Human Design and what yours says about you.

People attract attention with their voice. The more authentic your voice, the greater your impact. We all want to hear from people who aren’t speaking outworn talking points, status quo platitudes or industry jargon. We want to hear voices that are all the shades of expression -- heretical, fresh, innovative, even comforting -- whatever YOUR voice is designed to be, that’s what needs to be expressed.

Again, here are the 11 voices in human design:

Gate 62 ~ Voice of Strategy - You have a gift for details. You have so much logical information – and people want you to share it with them! This gate is the gate of LANGUAGE ITSELF. Your phrase is “I think.”

Gate 23 ~ Voice of Insight  - With this voice, it’s important to wait for the RIGHT TIMING or invitation to share your knowing. If you do, you’ll be called a genius. If you don’t, you’ll be called a freak. Your phrase is “I know.”

Gate 56 ~ Voice of Adventure - Deeply curious, you pick up anecdotes to share just going about your day. Your way of communicating is most effective THROUGH STORIES that illustrate a point. Your phrase is “I believe.”

Gate 35 ~ Voice of Progress - You love learning new things and are always looking for a NEW FEELING EXPERIENCE. Your maturity comes when you can find the Aha! while committing to WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU. Your phrase is “I feel.”

Gate 12 ~ Voice of Caution - The key with this voice is to speak with tact when you are in the mood to speak. With this gate, you typically have a good artistic sensibility and creative leanings. Your phrase is “I act” but we could write it as “I SPEAK CAREFULLY AND THOUGHTFULLY WHEN I’M IN THE PROPER MOOD.”

Gate 45 ~ Voice of the King or Queen (Autocratic) - You are a NATURAL TEACHER that teaches people HOW to fish, rather than giving them the fish. You teach things that HELP PEOPLE GROW IN STATUS, POWER AND RICHES. Your phrase is “I have.”

Gate 33 ~ Voice Reflecting on the Past - You take time away from your routine to contemplate your journey. You then FORMULATE YOUR INSIGHTS INTO WISDOM YOU CAN SHARE WITH OTHERS. Your phrase is “I remember.”

Gate 8 ~ Voice Rallying the Community - You are here to bring CREATIVE EXPERIENCES AND CHANGE to your community. This could be anything from organizing a youth-project mural or leading a protest down a busy thoroughfare. Your phrase is “I contribute.”

Gate 31 ~ Voice of Influence (Democratic) - When you speak, people listen. PEOPLE FIND INSPIRATON from your insights and direction. Your phrase is “I lead.”

Gate 20 ~ Voice in the Now - You are designed to be IN THE MOMENT. It’s your natural state. Your phrase is “I am now.”

Gate 16 ~ Voice of Enthusiasm - You are here to PRACTICE YOUR SKILLS over and over again until you have MASTERY. Your phrase is “I experiment.”


Day 2: Identify Your Mission

By Day 2, we’ll have identified your Throat Center Gates (or what to do if you don’t have ANY throat center gates), which will be the basis of developing your mission message.

It’s important that you stay receptive to your inner voice when answering he following messages:

What do you want to achieve over the course of your career?

What kind of impact do you want to make?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

These questions may sound simple but you’ll need to delve deep…with our help…to make your responses align with your Gate and be as SPECIFIC as possible.


Day 3: Create Your Unique Message

We’ll create your  ELEVATOR PITCH so you can quickly and powerfully answer that question “What do you do?” as well as be ready to shine in all sorts of environments that require the ability to effortlessly share what you do so that people take notice.

We will then build out a larger MISSION MESSAGE to keep you going forward even when you get stuck or frustrated.

We encourage you to take advantage of this important event.

If you haven’t created an elevator pitch or mission message, this is your perfect opportunity to do it based on the PERSONAL POWER OF YOUR ENERGETIC AUTHORITY and our feedback.

Or if you do have your elevator pitch, we’ll identify if this comes from the core of who you are, or if it’s a conditioned response that makes your message generic and makes you SOUND JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

After the event, you’ll walk away with a CLEAR mission message and elevator pitch that’s SPECIFIC AND UNIQUE TO WHO YOU ARE

Two Early Bird Bonuses!

The Messenger to Messengers

3-Day Online

Workshop is reasonably priced at $297.

But if you’d like to save some money, here’s how…

If you sign up before July 25th,

you’ll SAVE $200 and ONLY PAY $97!

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(One in October and one in November post-event. One if already included in your registration price so there are THREE hot seat sessions total.)

This is an irresistible offer, so don’t wait.

Sign up today and you’ll be sure of a spot.


The Messenger to Messengers Workshop

is Crucial for Your Success and

Will Pay for Itself in No Time!

We can’t emphasize enough how valuable this event will be for you.

  • There’s no better way to grow your following than SPEAKING…either onstage or online. And when you speak with a compelling message, you’ll set yourself apart from most other speakers, too.
  • When you can pitch your irresistible offer that captures the attention of your IDEAL prospect in ONE PARAGRAPH OR LESS, you’ll stand out from 95% of service-based business owners who have their own challenges clearly expressing their offer. (Which probably describes you before taking the Messenger to Messengers Workshop!)
  • This workshop is going to pay for itself with one or two new clients you’ve drawn in due to your new, authentic and powerful pitch.
  • Here’s an example of a business owner you don’t want to be: “Hi, my name is Jane Doe, and I’m in three multi-level marketing companies, sell real estate part-time and dabble in tarot card readings. Today, I’m offering a healing session with my psychic cat, Trudy.” This “message” is confusing, unintentionally hilarious and will not attract clients (unless they really want to meet a psychic cat!)
  • OR, are you this person: “Hi, my name is Jane Doe, and I help anxiety-ridden new business owners make their first two hires so they can start building an effective team and focus their energy on doing the work they really love.” (If you’re not like this person...yet…you will be after taking the workshop!) 
  • Remember, every time you open your mouth – it’s a SPEAKING GIG! What you say affects the people around you. Are you speaking in a way that motivates, inspires, informs, entertains or educates others? Or are you forgetting that people are always listening and do you fumble for the right words? Every time you speak up and are unclear, you shoot yourself in the foot. People are always watching and listening. Be prepared and watch your fortunes rise.
  • You can’t afford NOT to take this workshop. (And we priced it so you CAN AFFORD it and scheduled it so it doesn’t take up three full days… just three half-days!)


Sign up Today (or before July 25th) and You’ll Receive these VALUABLE BONUSES:


You’ll SAVE $200 and ONLY PAY $97!

Not only that…



(One in October and one in November post-event. One if already included in your registration price so there are THREE hot seat sessions total.)

This is an irresistible offer with $450 in savings and bonuses, so don’t put it off. Suddenly it will be July 26th and it will be TOO LATE to get Your Bonuses! 



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied by the end of the first day, just quietly let our team know and

 we’ll refund your ticket.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

martha Jones


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These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Shawn parker


Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Jessica Sanders


Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Last Call...

Ready to align to your design and share your unique voice and message with your IDEAL CLIENTS that lands perfectly?

for the Messenger to Messengers Workshop.

Remember: If you register before July 26th, you’ll get TWO BONUSES -- $200 OFF the Ticket Price AND TWO Additional Hot Seat Sessions Post- Event (Valued at $250.00).

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the pertinent details. The webinar links will be released a couple days before the event...

Don’t Miss This Essential Workshop 

for Service-Based Business Owners

Many people struggle to find the right words to describe their mission in the world. But after this workshop, you won’t be one of them!

This is probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can do to make your business successful

We don’t want you to regret missing out on this ONE-TIME event and the new confidence you’ll experience selling yourself to your DREAM CLIENTS.

You Don’t Want to Miss our

Messenger to Messengers Workshop for

Women Entrepreneurs Ready to 

Discover Your Authentic Voice to

Positively Lead and Change the World

Don’t you want unlock your true voice and impactful message

that will create enthusiasm in your DREAM CLIENTS?

EVERY TIME YOU ENROLL A NEW DREAM CLIENT by using your carefully crafted message that’s true to who you are, you’ll feel stronger and more confident in your ability to be a successful entrepreneur.

This will likely happen exponentially until, one day, you’ll have SUCH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF, you’ll forget you once even needed a workshop like this!

You’ll be IN THE ZONE where all the lights are green, everyone is nice to you…even strangers who let you get in front of them on the freeway,  you get the perfect parking space, no one’s in line at the grocery store or at the post office and the clerks are friendly and helpful.

Everything just seems to work out…effortlessly. Okay, we can’t promise this! 

But we CAN promise that you’ll be comfortable telling anyone anywhere about what you do…and you’ll be able to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way!

Potential clients will quickly become customers, customers will become fans that rave about you, and fans will go on to be your unofficial sales team, sending you so much business that you won’t even have to “work the room” or “man the phones” anymore yourself.

You’ll have the high-class “problem” of being so in demand that you may have to stop your one-to-one services and hold seminars and  workshops  for large groups, earning far more and working less!

We’re so looking forward to helping you to the next level of your success.

Look forward to seeing you in September!

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