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Your human design chart reveals a circuit
aboard or map of your DNA.

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In discovering, aligning to and living your human design, you become “correct” in your life and begin to live as your true self, rather than your “not self.” The majority of human beings are wandering around, bumping into life, clueless about who they really are. This is no way to live.

Being “correct” means you make good decisions and feel fulfilled in your work, your relationships and your body.

In your chart, you will notice areas colored in and other areas that remain white. The colored areas are active in your life (defined). The white areas are neutral (undefined). The defined areas are your “self” and the undefined areas are your “not self.”

Most of your unconscious conditioning, for good or ill, comes into your experience through your openness – or lack of definition – those areas in your chart that are white.

The KEY is understanding your unique STRATEGY and AUTHORITY for making decisions and then TRUSTING your Strategy and Authority. Your Strategy and Authority are NOT your mind. Discovering how to make decisions from your Strategy and Authority rather than your mind will change your life in the most magnificent ways.

Human Design was downloaded in 1987 by a man named Ra Uru Hu, affectionately referred to as “Ra.” Human Design’s predictions along a timeline have consistently come to pass, making human design a scientifically-verified system for self awareness.


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